Historical map of the County of Glamorgan

The image below is reproduced from the publication "Antiquities of England and Wales" by Francis Grose, circa 1787. The original engraving was produced by John Seller c. 1695 and only one or two alterations due to the changing of the spelling of some place names were made. For instance the county name "Caermarthen" replaced the older spelling of "Carmarden" and the map title was also amended. You can see where the grid lines stop short of these amendments as a result of removing the original engraving and replacing it with new after hammering the copper plate from behind to raise the surface for the new engraving. It is interesting to note that Llanmaes appears whereas the now much larger settlements of Llantwit Major and Boverton do not, indicating the importance of Llanmaes as a centre of worship, commerce, employment and land ownership at the time. It is also interesting to note the reference to the Vale of Glamorgan being sometimes known as "the garden of Wales".


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