The range of activities etc. targeted at both the younger and older members of the village clearly overlap with the details as outlined in the "Community Life" section.


Llanmaes does not have a dedicated youth facility. However, given its proximity to Llantwit Major, those young people who are of an age to attend a Youth Centre etc., would be encouraged to take advantage of the recently refurbished Youth Centre in the town. Llantwit Major is also able to offer a fully refurbished leisure centre offering an excellent range of amenities and facilities for the novice and more experienced sportsperson alike.

In conjunction with the Welsh Arts Council, negotiations are currently taking place with a view to providing a series of entertainment packages targeted at the younger residents of the village. This will hopefully include children's theatre groups, puppet shows and appropriate live entertainment. It has been encouraging to note the support being given by the parents of the respective children concerned, and in offering their supervisory services and as regards to any specific organising or preparatory duties required.

Up until recently there was a playgroup provision in Llanmaes, which took place in the Village/Church Hall on week-day mornings. Unfortunately, due to the retirement of the group leader the facility came to a close. However, it is now understood that negotiations are taking place with another resident of the village who is wishing to resurrect the playgroup.

The older residents of the village are offered every opportunity of taking part in the full range of social activities and events in the village, many of which are in fact being organised by those more ".... senior citizens ....!". Age is no barrier either, when it comes to being involved in the conservation and "best kept" village projects.

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