It was a cool Summer’s day, and there was a frog sitting on a stone. The frog was bright green, with a big orange tongue and yellow spots on its head. But that’s not important, to this story anyway. The frog gazed up at the clear sky, he saw what looked like a enormous cannon ball. In fact it was a normal cannon ball, the next door’s children were little annoying people that Froggie didn’t like because they are annoying. Froggie quickly dodged the ball and landed in the driveway and to his astonishment he saw a huge UFO. It crashed quite far away from him so he just sat in the middle of the road. The front of the round spaceship was scraping the ground as it hurtled towards froggie, who was too scared to move. Then froggie realized that that was a stupid thing to not move about so he jumped out of the way and went home.

           The spaceship continued to scrape across the road until it came to a turn, so it began to scrape the grass, until it crashed into a dumpster in the middle of the field. Which was in the middle of the country side, which was in the middle of a country, which is a bit misleading.

           Not long after the crash a boy, called Jason Deere, walk walking among the fields in search of a field heaven (a corn field). Jason found the space ship and stood there with a dopey look on his face staring at the ship. The lid flew off and steam poured out. Then, out popped an alien, with a huge, round, purple head. He looked all slimy. He wore normal clothes, which was kind of scary. “Oh My God an Alien” Jason screamed. “I'm not an alien” the alien, I mean, the guy replied. “So there’s no need for the green text!”, Oh right, sorry. “And I’m not an alien, you are” the...guy said to Jason before poking his tongue out.

           “Oh, I guess I am to you. That must mean I have cool powers, like …...arrrrgh…...this. That’s right, green text. I wonder what else I can do?

The alie...guy… sighed and rolled his eyes, all the way around his head. The guy climbed back into his spaceship, “weird planet” he grumbled as he closed the lid.

           That evening Jason, the alien boy, walked home making cats float. He went and sat in a place where he didn’t know where he was. Then a baseball bounced into the darkness that he was sitting in. Jason picked up the ball and bounced it back. This was repeated a few times until Jason got annoyed. He threw the ball out and heard a cry of pain. Jason looked around guiltily and then ran off.

           Jason was running through peoples back gardens but was caught by an evil person called, Granvi…. Grai...Craig...phew. Craig was mean to Jason at first, infact he was always mean to him. He went from calling him stupid to dressing him up as a little girl. But one time he crossed the line, he phoned up ‘the government’ and told them about the alien boy, who was heard in the backround shouting “flEEb” repeatedly. Anyway the government came in cool white oxygen suit things. And then, using a very fun looking network of plastic tunnels they took Jason to an insane asylum, and there he relalised that he wasn’t an alien to everyone else, so his powers weren’t really red. He died of sadness, and sonic diarrhea.


                      The Alien Boy,

                                 written by

                                            Alex Morris : p