The Asylum…


A place that people don’t usually want to go. A strange place; A weird place; A place of complete mayhem. This is the tale of five people from The Asylum. Trapped in their own world, fearing anything their mind throws at them, against the struggle to hold the asylum together. It all began a year ago. A terrible fate swooped across the land, a void of fear; GCSEs. Four people, banded together, and formed a sanctuary from the ever-growing pressure of the GCSEs. The Asylum. They were quickly driven insane, but it only made their view of the world less clouded. They’re insanity became precious to them, and they would not let anyone take that away. One day, a few weeks after the Asylum was established, a fifth person was noticed. An outsider with potential insanity. He had to be saved, he was rapidly becoming sane, so he was taken to the Asylum and there he stayed. Now, one year on, after the success of the Asylum, the GCSEs have grown closer. These are the tales of the struggle against reality as the exams draw even nearer.