It’s me...err… The Lost Welshman! Back in action! Again!.....

             With Death’s errands out of the way, Alex  was free to do what he liked this weekend. So he decided that he should take Jimmy for a walk. So he did. It was cold. And windy. Then it was wet. After that it was dry. Next it was pink, but  suddenly changed back to green. Finally Alex was bored of walking the rabbit so he came home and made himself something to eat.

             “A sandwich!’ He exclaimed as he added the top piece of bread. ‘I have created food!’ Alex took a bite of the pathetic looking slices of bread with a bit of ham, and a block of butter   between them. He choked, and the next thing he could remember was waking up back in the waiting room. ‘Lost?’ an eerie, hollow voice filled the room. Alex turned around. The room twisted and became distorted as it changed into a small desert  island. ‘Where am I now?’ he asked Death, who was leaning against his scythe under a coconut tree. Death walked over to Alex, who was calm due to the fact that he’s daft. Death stood in front of Alex, and slowly looked down to his face. ‘All hell has broken loose.’ Death explained, when suddenly the island paradise twisted into a bouncy castle.  ‘Literally’  he added. The bouncy castle melted into a large open field.

             ‘I’m dizzy’ Alex noted as the ground beneath him seemed to be moving a lot more than it should have. ‘What is going on?’ he asked as he snapped out of his dazed state.

             ‘All hell has broken loose’  Death explained again, as the ground opened up and sucked the two scythe wielding figures in. ‘And we need someone who is used to crazy and weird things happening, so that they can investigate.’

             ‘I can’t think of anyone.’ Alex replied as they fell through the air into a giant land of jelly.

             ‘We need YOU Lost. You’re seem perfectly normal in all this random weirdness.’ Death explained, feeling nauseous as the jelly changed from strawberry to raspberry flavour. Alex eventually realized that it was up to him to figure out what was going on, and possibly find a way of stopping it if it got at all annoying.

             ‘Fine, I’ll do it!’ Alex agreed after Death finished pleading. The sky came crashing down on the two of them, sending them back into the whiteness of the waiting room. Alex pulled his hood up, hiding his face in pure blackness. Then he left the room, scythe in hand.