This page is a tribute to Jam!

Did you know that there are over 10 million different kinds of Jam available in this strange and wonderful world that we live in. Ranging from the household Raspberry Jam (Top Right) and Strawberry Jam (Top Centre) all the way over to weird flavours of Jam such as Pear Jam (Top Left) and even Banana Jam.

Another amazing fact about Jam is that it is nice on itís own at times but even better if you smush it into some toasted bread, or even a scone! Isnít that amazing?

Itís like flavoured butter, and itís safe for people who have problems with dairy products.


These are the reasons I have decided to do a tribute to Jam. It is certainly the most amazing substance to come out of the human race, and is quite possibly the reason we were put on this worldÖ