Alex Woke up. ‘Whoa, that was a strange dream. I dreamt I nearly killed G….’


             ‘Yes Dad?’

             ‘Death’s here for you!’  Alex  scrambled  out of his room and fell down the stairs, breaking several bones on the way down. After the final step his head hit the floor sideways and there was a snap. And then a flash. He appeared in a white room. There was the tapping of bone on stone and then a loud creak of an old wooden door. Lost  turned around to see Death peering with from the darkness of his hood at him. ‘What was that?’ He asked.

             ‘Welcome… to the waiting room…..You just died’ Death replied, ‘No matter. I’ll just show you back to your house.’ A few minutes later Lost was back home. Luckily nobody heard the accident so didn’t notice that he’d died. ‘I want you to do me a favor Lost’ Death said with his hollow voice. ‘ I need you to pick up my shopping list from my office on the 9th level of hell. Thanks.’ With that said death faded away with a SKABLOOOM!!! That echoed in Lost’s ears for a good five minutes. Right then, Lost thought. To hell!

             A whole morning was wasted. Lost had tried to find hell but he’d had no luck. He took out his mobile and rang a friend. ‘Hey Al! Do can you tell me how to get to Hell?’ The voice on the end of the phone gave clear instructions straight away. Lost picked up some chalk from the pavement and then drew a pentagon on the fence beside him. Once it was complete Lost walked into it. A huge swirly, flamey, warm vortex opened up and Lost walked in. On the other side of the fence a small boy was playing fetch with his new dog. The boy threw the stick at the fence, the dog ran at it, and something happened. The dog had vanished.

             When Lost finally got to hell’s ninth level he followed the arrows to deaths office. He had a constant fear  something else was near. When lost found the list on Deaths desk he read it. ‘New Sandals, New Robe, New Scythe, ‘Been to Hell got the T-shirt’ t-shirt, haddock.’ Lost was put the list in his pocket and ran up to the fifth level of hell and dived from the highest point he could find, straight into the ground below. Lost appeared back in the waiting room. He heard a panting noise behind him. He turned around and saw a small black dog. ‘Excuse me? No dogs allowed’ the receptionist said.

             ‘He’s not mine.’

             ‘He’s been following you around for a while, I’ve been watching on the security cam’

             ‘Oh, In that case I must have fed him or something by accident. I’ll call him, Jimmy’ With that said the dog turned into a black rabbit with a ‘swoosh-whhooomm-taki-catang’ Lost gave the receptionist the shopping list and then went back home for  a lye in.


             That’s all you’re getting out of me this time!