And so the Saga of The Lost Welshman had began, the world will never be the same again.

The day was Tuesday, a whole week had passed since the beginning. ‘Oh my god!’ The Lost Welshman shouted as he woke up. ‘ That was the weirdest dream in the world ever. And oh my god I have a part time job as death’ Alex got ready for school and rolled down the stairs into the wall. I still have a sore head from that. He then decided that he should take his scythe to school, just to try and kill G….. a completely random person.

             On the way to school he realized it wasn’t allowed, and it isn’t nice to go around hacking at people. So he arrived at the gates of the school, scythe in hand and his cool robe on. Which for some reason made him invisible, or people just ignored his stupidity. He walked through the school and met up with his friends, who couldn’t see him, but were more than likely just ignoring him. ‘I have come for you’ He said as he pointed at Granville, but Jason quickly pulled down his hood from the robe revealing what everyone knew… it was me!

             Everyone crowded round as The Lost Welshman began to tell them about the dream he had……….

It was early in the morning and The Lost Welshman was woken up from a message on his computer, he must have fallen asleep with MSN on his pc. The Message said:

(6) Death (6) Says:

You’re Living in a dream world Welshman. Now, follow the white rabbit.

With that said the screen went black and then imploded with a KABLAMO, which is hard to do with a flat screen monitor, he he. ‘The white rabbit?’ Lost said to himself in the usual confused tone Then a huge rabbit burst through the door, it was more pink than white, and it was obviously just Granville dressed up. So Lost  followed the beast as it hopped around and jumped into a mirror. Lost found himself in a giant pea pod, which was soon open and Lost was in his ‘Reaper Guy’ robe. Then he fell down a really long, but fun tunnel and was picked up by one of those claw machine things.

             The next thing Lost could remember was being in a white room with two chairs and a TV. And Death was flicking through the channels. “666 channels and nothing on’ He mumbled to himself. ‘Ah, Welshman, there you are. I’ve been expecting you’ Death said in his comforting voice.

             ‘What is this place Death?’ Lost asked,

             ‘Welcome… the real world’ Death said as flames shot up from two grates in the floor that weren’t there before. ‘Really’, Lost Replied,

             ‘Nah, actually this is hell. The upper floors anyway’ The flames shot out again. ‘ I need you to do something for  me. I need you to add someone to my to-do list, I believe the name was G….’

             ‘And then I woke up’ Alex finally finished his story , everyone just turned back to their normal conversations completely ignoring the whole thing. Alex picked up his scythe and swung at G…...