Part two of the Epic poem ‘Colin The Mouse’


                                            Sitting by a fruit bowl,

                                            Outside his brand new house,

                                            There was a little creature,

                                            Called Colin the Mouse.


                                            He was sitting on the counter,

                                            Eating banana and mango,

                                            Singing a well known song,

                                            As he danced his last fandango.


                                            In came a beast,

                                            That Colin once knew.

                                            He’d seen it somewhere before.


                                            He hadn’t a clue.


                                            It jumped onto the counter,

                                            And brought it’s hand down with a splat.

                                            Colin had been murdered,

                                            By Fatty the Cat



                      Colin the Mouse part two,

                                 Written by

                                            Alex Morris