My 3d Picture of the Month!!

Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Look what I did to my site! I changed it! HA HA! Da Ta Doo Ta Doo Da Ta! *Pa* So…… This is my website. Spooky eh? I think so. You’d think I’d be happy with it and think it’s all wonderful. But no; I actually think it’s scary….. AH! Sorry, I was attacked by three bats. They’re my friends now, because I have chocolate. WA!


It’s not finished yet, but I couldn’t bare to leave the horrible old site up there with this new improved version in the shadows. New music! New thingers! And partially re-written stories.



- Al Morris, Website Creator Extraordinaire

E-mail: alexmorris87 "at"

There is actually a goose loose aboot this website somewhere. Though I don’t know how to find out where he’s gone.